Jesse Cobb and his band bring a fresh, eclectic energy to this uniquely modern, electric blues EP. All four original tracks are full of cool stylistic surprises and inspired performances.
— Joe Satriani

Jesse Cobb is a guitarist and songwriter who lives and writes high on a hill in San Francisco, CA. Willfully (foolishly?) ignoring the cultural decline of the electric guitar, he's been crafting his own impressive six-string style from the age of 15, when he began working as a professional musician in the dives, dumps, and concert halls of the greater Bay Area.

A fanatical student of music history, as well as an in-demand guitar teacher, Cobb has synthesized a number of American styles into his own signature blend of rock n soul. Sonic influences come from the type of classic artists that were never content to work in just one genre, while his lyrics come from a big Irish-Italian heart crusted over with cynicism, and from an odd life spent as a musician scraping by in the most expensive city on the planet.

Jesse Cobb & The Golden West are a 4 piece band that blends the various flavors of Californias musical history into a tangy rock n soul stew. Folding in the SoCal-slick jazz-funk sounds of Steely Dan, the earthy Americana crunch of Neil Young, and the joyful improvisation and group dynamics of Western swing, the Golden West has a raw, fiercely original sound that could only originate on the best coast